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Harassment, Diversity, and Inclusion: Coping with Management Challenges

Join APER in June 2022 and attend our first fully online training session.

In partnership with CNESST, we’ve developed a much-needed session to give you concrete tools to prevent and address harassment in your workplace.

During this 100% virtual session, you’ll learn what steps you need to take when you first find out about a harassment complaint. You’ll also get a set of tools and practices to take back to your teams to prevent harassment and foster a healthy work environment you’ll be proud to be a part of.

See you in June 2022!

Preventing Workplace Harassment

Training objectives

Do you know how to recognize harassment and what to do when someone files a complaint? In this short but comprehensive 2-part program, you’ll learn to identify harassment and prevent it with awareness training and diversity and inclusion best practices.

This training course will teach you:

  • Better ways to manage interpersonal conflict
  • How to respond to inappropriate behaviour
  • Strategies for preventing harassment
  • Constructive habits you can implement in your teams
  • How to be a positive force in improving your teams’ performance and overall wellbeing
  • How to embody and promote your organization’s values
Receive your certificate of completion by email
Receive your certificate of completion by email
Available at any time
Approximately 40 minutes long
Approximately 40 minutes long
Entirely online

This training program is offered in partnership with the program to combat psychological and sexual harassment in the workplace


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