Your questions answered

Do you want to understand the ins and outs of your pension plan? Are you named in a complaint but aren’t sure what your legal options are? Are you confused about your responsibilities in an administrative reorganization? Don’t worry—our team is here with a suite of services to answer your questions. We provide expert information, guidance, and support and we’re committed to representing and defending your interests.

Personalized help and guidance

Our extensive expertise and first-hand industry knowledge make us is an invaluable resource at every step of your career. We can:

  • Help you understand your options for probationary periods, temporary replacements and interim assignments, parental leave, phased retirement, retirement, and career transitions
  • Help you monitor, understand, and meet administrative, regulatory, and legal requirements
  • Provide letter of agreement templates, reference materials, and quality information on management practices within the health and social services sector and other topics of interest
  • Retirement planning and financial management seminars

Legal and labour relations services

Grappling with a labour relations issue? We’re proud to provide direct access to the support and guidance you need. Our specialized lawyers, professionals, and consultants can advise you if:

  • You’re in discussions or negotiations with your employer related to enforcing employment and compensation policies
  • Your working conditions change or you’re suspended or fired
  • You’re negotiating your employment contract
  • You need to settle a dispute or litigation
  • You have to go to court

Local and provincial advocacy

Not only can we represent you in employer discussions and negotiations, we also provide proactive, higher-level support by intervening on your behalf with Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux and elected officials in forums and parliamentary committees and by representing your interests on various committees in the health and social services system, including:

  • PPME Pension Committee
  • SSQ Insurance Committee
  • Comité consultatif de relations professionnelles (CCRP)
  • Comité national de la main-d’œuvre et de développement du personnel d’encadrement (CNMODPE)
  • Pay Equity Audit Committee
  • Coalition de l’encadrement en matière de retraite et assurance (CERA)
  • Canadian College of Health Leaders (CCHL)

Better working and professional practice conditions

Whether it involves settling a dispute, preparing a request, making your voice heard by the Human Resources Department, or proposing a solution to a specific problem or situation related to working conditions, we’re here to help.

  • We work with institutions and sit on various committees to improve local working conditions and get better benefits for managers.
  • In a dispute with your employer? Our team is here to help you resolve the matter and negotiate a satisfactory settlement.
  • We can also provide advice and assistance to help you navigate an administrative reorganization.

Special member services and benefits

Your APER membership gives you access to a wealth of services designed to meet your needs (and many members-only perks as well!). Become a member and start receiving benefits today!

Training and professional development

We host educational events and have developed training and mentoring programs to foster your personal and professional development, so you can keep your skills current, follow best management practices, and overcome the challenges that come your way.

  • Seminars and training opportunities
  • Counselling, coaching, and mentoring program
  • Support and networking groups
  • Retirement planning and financial management seminars


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