Representing managers in Quebec's health and social services sector since 1973

Support, train, advocate

Founded in 1973, APER is a bilingual professional association representing managers working in Quebec’s health and social services sector. It is proud to provide members with personalized, professional service, including legal advice. APER’s non-confrontational approach means it is respected and well viewed by employers and the Ministry of Health and Social Services.

APER offers a wide range of services to its members, including: professional development, counselling, contract negotiations, legal advice and conflict resolution. APER also actively represents the interests of members during negotiations with the Ministry of Health and Social Services. It is actively advocating for improved working conditions including higher wages and improved benefits.


News and Information

APER is a source of reliable and timely information.

Through its monthly e-newsletter Info Cadre and website, APER enables members to stay up-to-date on: 

  • Management trends and best practices,
  • Ways to improve work-life balance,
  • News about changes to pay and benefits packages,
  • Modifications to the job classification system,
  • Job postings,
  • Changes regarding working conditions,
  • Answers to frequently asked questions,
  • Ways to deal with difficult employees,
  • How to master office politics,
  • Ways to excel and advance in your career,
  • How to resolve workplace conflicts,
  • Ideas to reduce stress.


I sincerely thank the team at aper for its support and advice and for listening to me. You helped me leave my job with dignity.
KARINE, Health Care Manager