APER offers members a wide range of services including: professional development, support and advice to resolve conflicts, mediation, contract negotiations and representation before tribunals.

APER also actively represents the interests of its members during negotiations with the regional agencies and the Ministry of Health and Social Services. It actively advocates for improved working conditions including reduced workloads and higher wages and benefits.

 APER offers you...

  • Its free monthly e-newsletter Info Cadre focused on providing you with useful management advice and career development tips. 
  • Access to a members only library on the APER website where you will find information about your rights on issues such as probationary periods, layoffs, maternity/paternity leave, sick leave, promotion, phased retirement and retirement.
  • Professional development through seminars and workshops. 
  • Advice from the association’s lawyers and specialized consultants
  • Networking opportunities with other members
  • A voice at the negotiating table on issues like working conditions, workloads, job classification and pay and benefits (see below)
  • Fast access to professional support and advice.