Professional Development

To better support the professional development of its members, APER organizes conferences and seminars and develops training and mentorship programs.

Conferences:  APER organizes conferences on a variety of topics to allow members to update their skills, gain an understanding of current issues and learn management best practices.

Mentoring program:  APER matches managers with mentors to provide support and facilitate learning through the exchange of ideas, advice and information. Mentors help managers with their personal and professional development. 

New manager training program and support group:  This program helps develop the next generation of managers in the health and social services sector.  New managers shadow experienced managers to observe and ask questions about best practices and administrative processes. New managers can also join a support group where they can exchange ideas and discuss concerns with colleagues.

Retirement planning seminars:  In cooperation with our partners, APER organizes retirement planning seminars to help members understand the retirement process and estimate their retirement income.

Financial planning and money management seminars
:  In cooperation with its partners, APER organizes financial planning and money management seminars for young professionals, managers in the prime of their careers and managers approaching retirement.

On-site seminars: APER’s staff will come to your workplace to meet with members and managers interested in joining the association to provide information on: working conditions, insurance and benefits, retirement planning, pay equity, work place harassment and bullying and various other topics.

Please call us to find out more about these programs and services 514-933-4118.