Labour Relations

APER provides you with legal and professional advice:

  • APER gives you access to a group of lawyers and specialized consultants who are extremely knowledgeable about labour laws and standards as well as compensation packages that apply to managers in the health and social services sector.
  • APER provides you with advice, support and representation during discussions and negociations with your employer about the application of employment and/or compensation policies.
  • APER provides financial assistance and expertise in order to help managers form local chapters and take part in association activities.
  • APER advocates the judicious use of manager development funds. The Ministry of Health and Social Services requires employers to allocate a percentage of their budgets towards training their managers. As a full-fledged member of the Management Committee on the Workforce and Development of Managerial Staff, APER works to ensure these funds are used appropriately.
  • APER provides members with personalized service and supports managers during every stage of their career.

APER works to improve your working conditions

  • APER helped establish the Committee on the Modernization of the Evaluation of the Classification System that is responsible for reviewing and making recommendations that will revitalize the job classification system for managers.
    • APER is currently negotiating with employers to improve the working conditions of managers.
    • APER’s team is there to help if ever you have a dispute with your employer. APER helps you resolve the situation and negotiate a satisfactory settlement.
    • If members are laid off during administrative reorganizations, APER is there to offer advice and support throughout the process.
    • APER sits at the bargaining table and on various committees negotiating on behalf of members for improved working conditions.
    • APER signed an agreement with La Capitale General Insurance and Financial Group to provide members with exclusive reductions on home and car insurance.

APER provides support throughout your career

  • APER is an indispensable ally during every phase of a member’s career.
  • APER provides you with access to documents that clearly explain your rights and responsibilities and working conditions.
  • APER provides training and gives presentations to managers in their place of work.
  • APER helps you understand your options during every phase of your career including probation period, career reorientation, phased retirement, retirement, departure from the sector and even self-employment opportunities.
  • The experts at APER help you navigate and address all legal, regulatory and administrative policy challenges.
  • When you require templates for letters agreements, reference documents, and information on network management practices and other materials, APER will provide you with quality information in a timely fashion.
  • Thanks to its strategic position within the health and social services network, APER provides you with information on job opportunities, or refers you to relevant professional resources.

APER represents you on a variety of committees in the health and social services sector including:

  • PPMP (RRPE) retirement committee,
  • SSQ insurance committee,
  • The committee responsible for modernizing the classification system,
  • The committee looking at working conditions,
  • The management workforce planning committee (PMO) –provincial, regional and local,
  • The pay equity committee,
  • The pay equity maintenance committee,
  • The Coalition for Retirement and Insurance (CERA),
  • The Canadian College of Health Care Leaders,
  • Various boards,
  • Presentations to the Ministry of Health and Social Services concerning particular groups of managers, in example, managers working in University Health Centres,
  • Etcetera.